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The Project “El jardín de las delicias; Vamos a ver si eso es verdad” is the result of several weeks in the process of direct work with actors, dancers, a linguistic specialist, technicians and most of all the human contact with the Havana society, in which this creative exercise is planted, concentrating the popular knowledge through the Cuban sayings and refrains. 


The general production of the performance ”Vamos a ver si eso es verdad” has been made possible with the financial support of; Mondriaan Fonds Netherlands, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds Caribbean, Ministry of Culture Aruba and UNOCA Aruba y the active collaboration of Alma Blou Gallery, Lusette Verboom, Roly Sint Jago.



Vamos a ver si eso es verdad. El Jardin de las Delicias 

Participation of. 
Cuban actors such as: Ury Rodríguez, Jorge Luis Aguilar, Aimeé Despaigne Balbon, David Hernández Izaguirre and Claudia Monteagudo. Cuban singers; Adis Herrera (Lyrical), Addis Moreno (flamenco), Yimi Konclaze (Rap). Cuban Dancers; Dianelis Herrara Molina, Diana Cano Rodríguez, Liliet Orozco Cabrera, Idiam Rodríguez Martínez, Alejandro Miñozo Jiménez with the special participation of Gloria Brice, Aruba and Carmen Irene Díaz, Cuba –Canada.

Technical team consisting of; Rogelio Bryce. Chief Technician light and sound, Rocio Aballi Hernandez and Frank Fernandez, Direction of Photography, Alesandro Milo Otero. Makeup, Sarima Pérez Proveyer. Video Edition, Soraida Ramírez. Confecion of Costumes, Francisco Gil García. Escenographic Construction, Juniel Mentado, 3D Animation, Company of illumination and sound PMR (Pablo Milanés Records) Franco Noda García. Assistant of choreography.

Interview on Cuban television, broadcast nationally. announcing pre-production project in Havana, inviting community partners in Cayo Hueso. Parque Trillo.

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