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Trílogia surrealista maracucha

This proposal in general lines is the appropriation of the local resources, cultural forms which are impregnated in the collective imaginary, to reconfigure and plant it in a form of art,, so that it even seems to be produced by local artists through its billing, theme or connectivity, which can be resumed as the recycling of the local forms in the contemporary space.”

“What interests me as an artistic action, is the appropriation of the popular imaginary based on some reference – independent of its origin or cause –. The metaphoric representation and reinterpretation of its iconography as an artistic action is another story. Literally another story, as a genre of the narrative, using and appropriating myself

of the familiar oral archives as a recourse.”

“Trilogia Surrealista Maracucha” counts on the curatorship

and museology of Jimmy Yánez.

MACZUL, Sep 2016


La flor de la canela,

Maruchita mi tía.

Cinnamon's flower,

Maruchita my aunt

Rewritten script based on family stories in Maracaibo- Venezuela
Interpreted with Cuban assent.

Collaboration: Gloria Bryce.

Cuba- Aruba

Nelson González.

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