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Unification of states


South Korea

Youngen Museum of Contemporary Art

사랑해  나를  한국 ~ Love me South Korea. Video-Performance 2019

문화의 반영 ~ Cultural Reflection. Video-Performance 2019

노란색위에 흰색  =  노란색~ White on yellow = Yellow. Video-Performance 2019

동양을 향한 두개의 왼손~ Two left hands for the east. Video-Performance 2019

South Korea. Unification of states. 

by Nelson Gonzalez, Aruba.


Youn Geun Museum of Contemporary Art. South Korea.

Part of the artistic research. "Between two waters"

Curators: 박소희 Park So Hee (South Korea) ~ Gerardo Zavarce (Vzula-RD)

Production: Daniel Briceño (Vzla-South Korea) ~ 유미연 Yu Mi Yeon (South Korea)

Melissa Stamper (Aruba)

Thanks to the support of Mondriaan Fonds, Amsterdam. NL

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